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The Mission of Pennyhut1 LLC is to reach across the United States providing  money saving information to anyone in need and anyone who wants to help those in need. And  to inspire a spirit of giving for those who otherwise may not be able to afford to give.

This website is for Anyone who wants to save money to gather. Here you will be able to buy, sell, trade, or donate your penny and coupon stockpiles. You will be able to communicate with other savvy shoppers across the United States to see what they are finding.
You will also be able to access our extensive bar code list for products that have been found for a penny. You can also view our list while you are out shopping to find out if an item is or is not a penny! With this list, I was able to provide Christmas gifts for families that could not afford them otherwise, my hope and goal for 2014 Christmas is that no child will go without Christmas gifts under their Christmas tree. Please join me in this goal, donate your extra items that you or family members can’t use to churches or organizations that you know will get the items in need to the families who need them!
We are very excited to offer these services to you!
Stay tuned for updates in the near future, there is a lot on the drawing board that will be very exciting for all of us!!!!
Enjoy your visit to our page!!!
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